Learn more about our leadership team

Learn more about our leadership team

Sandeep Phophaliya Chairman

Sandeep Phophaliya

Sandeep has over 18 years of hands on experience on technology, software services and global delivery. Sandeep has been a part of a the founding team of Sigma and has been involved with various business development and growth initiatives. At LendFoundry, Sandeep is closely working with fintech companies in India to transform their customer acquisition, credit evaluation and operations management processes.

Sharad Bhatt Program Director

Sharad Bhatt

Sharad is mandated to oversee and manage overall operations of the organisation. He comes with 18+ years of professional experience across multiple sectors. His last position was Director(Operations) at OLA Cabs which is one of the largest app based taxi services provider in India.

Eduardo Dias Enterprise Architect

Eduardo Dias

Eduardo is a seasoned enterprise architect and software craftsman by trade with over 19 years of experience. He's been involved in projects across the world and has assisted multiple organizations with his software and product design expertise, including Siemens, Nokia and Volvo. Eduardo is passionate about entrepreneurship and a technologist by heart, actively engaging open source projects and supporting the startup community with his expertise.

Pranav Panpalia Director - Engineering

Pranav Panpalia

Pranav is a Director of Sigma Infosolutions and also one of the founding members. He is an engineering graduate, with over 20+ years of industry experience, having worked with companies like Infosys, Reliance, and Birla VXL.

Anubha Phophaliya VP Product

Anubha Phophaliya

Anubha is a Director and a founding member of Sigma Infosolutions. Anubha is an engineering graduate from Regional Engineering College, Jaipur. Along with her Sigma association, Anubha has more than 20 years of experience in companies like Infosys and Siemens.