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Customer Management System

LendFoundry.com’s Saas lending platform tracks every interaction with our client’s customers. We believe that data relating to each transaction, call, update is important for our client’s future analytics needs. Our lending platform goes beyond storing customer contact and borrowing information, the system is designed with analytics and compliance in mind that our lender can access and analyzed any meta data with each customer interaction to enhance their marketing and servicing strategy. Our search function quickly identifies leads, customers and each interactions whether it’s a passive marketing campaign or an active customer outbound call is recorded and ready to be analyzed for effectiveness.


Our Features

Marketing, Payment, Borrower information are integrated as a single core system within LendFoundry’s SaaS platform.

  • Our system can also be installed on premise depending on our client’s needs. Our system is highly modularized and highly configurable to integrate into your website, other CRM or CMSs accordingly.
  • Our platform has an extensive set of APIs, clients can use a single function or the entire platform as they desire.
  • It is built for today’s fintech players that utilizes technology and data science to compete.